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A Word From Our Pastor, Lowell Pocock:

I can remember a particular time in my life when it seemed as if everything was going wrong. Things were not going the way I wanted and infact all things seemed to be purposely doing the opposite of my desires.

I felt like God was against me and not for me. Depression turned me completely inward until all I could see was me. I received a letter one day and Proverbs 5:21 was the basis for the letter.

" For the Ways of man are before the Eyes of the Lord, And he watches all his paths."

I cannot begin to tell you how the Holy Spirit made these words come alive to my Heart. Healing began when I realized God really was watching and caring for me, even in the middle of this trial.  God gives me hope and purpose everyday. 

Praise God for watching and directing our paths taken in him. Everything will be fine. It does not seem that way at times. Trust the Lord, friends. He is watching you.


About Our Church:
We are a multi-racial congregation that is excited about what God is doing in all our lives. Whether you are a visitor or a member of  the congregation, we believe you will find our church an encouragement and a blessing.  We invite you to attend one of our services. News & Information